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Free Qlik webinar - Using Data Literacy to Build an Insights-Driven Culture

Join us for Qlik webinar featuring Forrester: Using Data Literacy to Build an Insights-Driven Culture on February 28 presented by Jennifer Belissent, Forrester Principal Analyst, and Qlik’s Jordan Morrow, Head of Data Literacy.

Competing in a world where data is being generated and consumed at unimaginable rates, individuals and organizations need to be data literate. Yet, in a recent Qlik study(1), only 17% of those surveyed felt they were.

How do you and your company compare? Are you set up to compete or will you suffer defeat in today’s analytics economy?

Get their perspectives on:

·       Why you can’t afford NOT to be insights driven

·       How Chief Data Officers are uniquely positioned to lead the charge for data literacy

·       What you can do to fill the skills gap in your organization

Becoming data literate is no longer an option in today’s data-driven world — it’s a must.

Join us to learn how to promote data literacy and an insights-driven culture in your organization.

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